Friday, May 27, 2011

Student Gifts

I decided to make simple gifts for my 9th and 10th graders. There were only eight of them. The funny thing was that today was the last day of school, but I forgot to give the students their gifts...which = me making a mad dash for the parking lot after school was out. Fortunately I got all of them except one (and I'll make sure it gets to her).
These are the ones I did for the girls (there were only four of them). I did some for the guys (also four of them...told you it was a tiny school), but in my hurry to get to school this morning I forgot to get pictures of them.
All of the students liked them, and it was nice to give a personalized gift.

All I did was trace the letters onto paper, cut them out of the paper, and podge them onto the the wooden letters, add a little distress ink around the edges, and podge over the top. I wanted to paint the wooden letters before I put the paper on, but I ran out of time. Oh well, I still think they turned out really cute.

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lilly ruth said...

ADORABLE! ~ Maybe I'll try to decorate the kid's bedroom doors with some of these.

Dacia said...

What cute letters & so thoughtful of you to give your students something you made. I love letters and you did a fab job! Thanks for the blog visit :)

Lauren said...

I would have loved to receive a gift like this from a teacher! They're lovely. I really like the "B" and the "k."

gin said...

What a special gift for students! I too am a teacher and my little ones might not yet appreciate a letter, I am thinking of making them each a cute chalkboard. My husband teaches high school though (10th) and I'll have to share these with him!