Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Frames of Fall

Here are a few more Fall touches around the house...

I've had this bead garland since last fall,
but I like it so much that I've moved it,
and given it a new purpose for every season.
This fall it's dressing up what was once a naked red candle.
Much better, I think.
The three frames of pretty paper on the mantel were not enough.
I wanted to see more of my beautiful paper...
Can you tell that I love butterflies?

And here's a gratuitous dog picture...she couldn't care less about my decorations...
Dog loves to lay in the sun.
(Try not to pay attention to the cluttery space to the left of the mantel,
I'm not done with it yet.
And that protruding wood-burning stove...
I don't like the look of it very much,
but I think we'll be thankful for it as it gets colder.)

Decor to Adore


Karena said...

Very pretty Kristina, I had a beaded garland, hmm now where did I put it!


Art by Karena

Decor To Adore said...

I really like the candle!