Monday, September 12, 2011

One Happy Pack

(She loves to lay in the grass)

Meet Maggie. She came to live with us two weeks ago, but we've been hanging out wither for over a month. She's a boxer/great dane mix (probably), she's six months old, and the happiest puppy around in spite of a hard start to life.
(We always cuddle for a couple of minutes after our walks)

When she was about two months old, her first owner kicked her in the face so hard that it fractured her jaw right through on both sides. According to the vet dentist, it wasn't a clean fracture either...lots of little pieces. She was also underfed. When her owners realized how much it was going to cost to fix her jaw, they decided to put her down.
(I love her adorable, wrinkly puppy mouth)

At that point, the animal hospital employees decided to take her into their own hands...they saved her life. After two months of staying at the hospital with her jaw wired shut, they turned her over to Hope For Animals foster care.
(Her favorite toy is a large tree branch in the back yard)

We happened to meet her on the first day that her foster mom had her home...she lived in the apartment across from us. We fell in love with Maggie pretty much right away, but we couldn't actually bring her home, until we moved into the house.
(She loves to sleep our our shoes)

We love her so much! She's a handful, but we're all learning together. Husband and I are strong believers in Cesar Millan's way of raising/handling dogs. His books, as well as watching episodes of The Dog Whisperer, have really helped us come a long way to being a happier pack.


Tammy @ Type A said...

i'm so happy you found her, she is so lucky to have a good loving home!

Betty said...

We love Maggie stories and pictures!

The Glassman said...

Just scrolling through your blog I see two thing: a dog and cute little paper crafts. Might I suggest they somehow be combined...

Ear/hair clips, flowery collars, doggie corsage, paper decorated candles infused with dog scent... Alright, maybe not that last one.