Friday, April 8, 2011

A Bit About Me

Lets get the hard stuff out of the way apartment is not beautifully decorated, I don't have any kids of my own, I'm a teacher (as in, I leave the house and drive to work), and striped walls aren't really my favorite. There, I said it...and now I expect to hear the DIY blogland police pounding at my door any minute.

It's not that our apartment is a barren wasteland or anything, we have pictures up. And we have lovely houseplants that we fuss over as if they were our children ("Look! More thyme sprouts came up today, aren't they cute?") The reason we haven't done more is mostly because we're renting, and might be moving again this summer. I'm also a first-year teacher...which means I come home tired everyday...and while I have a million decorating ideas floating around in my head, they've pretty much stayed there. But dream of how it could be. How it will be?

(This might be my favorite decorated corner of our place)

I don't have any kids. Husband and I have only been married just short of two years, and we're not mentally or financially ready. However...

As I said, I'm a first-year teacher. I teach classes at a Christian academy, and I often feel like I'm playing mom to 37 kids. Most days I enjoy my job...I try to make sure that I laugh a lot with my students. Some days are more difficult...sometimes they share their heartaches with me, and I hurt for them. Sometimes I'm not very well prepared. And sometimes I could swear that someone put crazy in the water and gave it to everyone, and it's all I can do to get through the day until I can come home and recoup by crashing on the couch. But I love every. single. student.

And as far as striped walls go...I don't hate them...I just much prefer a good accent wall. To each their diy own, right?

I'm married to the man of God's dreams for me. I say that because Husband is so different from what I thought I wanted, and yet he's SO MUCH BETTER than what I thought I wanted. God truly chose us for each other. We laugh everyday. And he encourages my crafting...even when it means tiny paper scraps all over the living room.
I heart crafting and diy projects, and have a penchant for pretty paper (and alliteration). I'm pretty much incapable of going to Michael's without buying paper. Good thing it doesn't cost much. The story of why I started crafting is for another post, but for now I'll just say that it fills a need for me to create loveliness.

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