Friday, April 15, 2011

Known and Loved

I think perhaps one of the very best feelings in life is for a heart to be known and loved. I had a birthday on Tuesday, and several people showed me this kind of love, and I feel so blessed to be known.

From my in-laws, books that I've been wanting to read for a while.
From my bestie (who lives far away), a card full of beautiful paper
bits for me to play with, and a Jo-Ann's card.

From my husband, adorable clear bird and flower stamps, colorful new ink pads, a lovely tree paper punch, and a box of Cadbury Eggs (one of my very favorite candies).
From my mom, a lovely and intriguing piece of milk glass.

And from my dad, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

Thank you everyone for your love and encouragement as I head into a new year,
and dip my fingers into new talents.

1 comment:

Sharde said...

how nice! happy birthday! that is so awesome. my birthday is in two weeks and i know i won't be gettin this kinda treatment!