Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book Page Spheres Tutorial

Here, it is...the book page sphere tutorial!

Here's what you need:

-book pages/pretty paper (thinner paper is better)
-Mod Podge (MP)
-Paint/foam brush
-Smooth Styrofoam balls (you really want the smooth ones for this one)
I found this book at Goodwill. It's a devotional from the 50's.
See? Smooth.
Step 1. Tear your book pages into strips/squares.
Step 2. Put MP on strips. It might curl a little when you put in on, but that's okay. Normally I recommend putting MP on the surface first, but in the case it's easier to put it on the paper first.
Step 3. Lay the strips on the ball.
It'll look like this.
Step 4. Put your hand over the strip, and press the paper down onto the ball.
You'll get these wonderful crinkles.
This page had some underlines, which adds to the charm.
Plus, it's just a good proverb to remember.
Step 5. Overlap the strips so that you get this affect...
It looks even better if the edges of the pages are aged.
I felt lucky to find this book.
I like to leave key words showing. It was easy to do with these pages because each day of the devotional has a larger title.
Here's one with pretty paper.
When the ball is completely covered, you can podge over all of it, but I like to leave it off most of the time.

And you're done! Super easy, right? Now find something pretty to put them in.

This was the view from my crafting desk this morning. It snowed, but not much. Now that spring has really sprung, I don't really mind a light snow. It won't last.
*Be sure to scroll down and see the map version!

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