Friday, February 17, 2012

Tangerine and Light Blue

My SIL has a friend with whom she regularly exchanges letters
(wish we all did).
So she asked me to make her some cards,
which I readily agreed to do.
She told me that she likes eggshell blue, and tangerine,
but left me to my creative devices beyond that.
I couldn't find "eggshell" paper, but the orange I used is actually called "tangerine."
It's nice every once in a while when the stars align.
And so these birds were born.
I've mentioned before that I like simple cards,
ones that can actually fit into a regular envelope.
Here they are, all cutely 'twined and ready to go.

1 comment:

mrscamacho said...

I love them. and so does your eldest niece! ;)