Monday, June 27, 2011

Fabric Bling

Yesterday I practiced sewing, and got pretty frustrated. I posted a venting comment on FB that caused my aunt to ask, "Does it look like the bobbin threw up on your fabric?" And "Yes," that's exactly what it looked like. I think I somehow had it threaded wrong. I need to watch the instructional dvd again. I still wanted to make something cute with my cute fabric. While I was in TN my bff taught me how to make yo-yo's. So, I made a yo-yo bracelet.
I think it's sweet, and unique. It has a button/loop closure.The loop is big enough that it's easy to close the button with one hand,
but not so big that it comes off.It's really fun to wear.
I also made this little flowery thing. I was trying to practice sewing a curved line. Obviously it isn't a strong point yet, but I think it still turned out okay. I attached it to a hair-tie.

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Carissa said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE the bracelet! Did you just come up with that on your own? How did you make the loop thing that goes around the button?

amandak said...

If your bobbin is still puking all over your fabric after you're sure you've got it threaded correctly, check your tension. That's often the problem with the thread is getting all bunched up and knotted on the bobbin side of things.

gin said...

I think it came out fabulously! Great job. I just love fabric flowers.

Julianna said...

Great idea! I'd love for you to link up at Inspire Me Mondays!

Cindy said...

Could you Please post the directions for these cute bracelets.