Sunday, June 5, 2011

In the Quiet

To my 21 "followers," and "stalkers,"

Thank you so much for your interest in my crafty creations. You don't know how having followers, and comments has increased my confidence. I love to share my creativity, and to partake in the creativity of others.

That being said, I'm sorry I've been a bit quiet this week. School got out last Friday; I spent part of this week closing out at school, and the other part resting and grieving the end of the year. I truly loved my teaching job, and now it looks like I won't have it next year (due to budget yuckiness). I love my students, and I already miss them terribly. I'm hanging on in faith that God has another job for me, and that He has a future for me, and that if I continue to say "yes" to Him, that future will be better than I can imagine.

I have, however, still been working on several projects that I'm quite excited about. Unfortunately, after only 6 months in my hands, my camera decided to kick the bucket. I have a camera on my phone, of course; the pictures just won't be as good. Oh well. I'll share them anyway.
So for now, I leave you with a picture that I took several weeks ago.
Hope you had a beautiful weekend!

1 comment:

Carissa said...

I think you have the worst luck with cameras of anyone I know! I'm sorry. :(