Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gift, and Gift Wrap Ideas

Today I leave for Nashville to meet up with some of my family at my grandma's house. Part of the reason I'm going is to take some basic sewing lessons from my mom and grandma, who are both master seamstresses. Here's my mom and me...she made my wedding dress, and I still absolutely love it (and her). Anyway, since she's sharing one of her hobbies with me, I thought I'd give her a little gift and share one of mine with her. She's pretty crafty too, although she has yet to have fun with clear stamps. Each of these little stamp packs, as well as the ink pad and clear block can be found in the dollar section at Michael's. My mom is a busy woman...elementary teacher, (pastor's) wife, mom, grandma, and friend, so I thought I'd start her off small. They have a large variety of dollar stamps, and inks, and they make a really fun little gift for any girl or woman in your life.

I thought these were cute for her because she bakes a lot.This is my gift wrap. I love creating pretty gift wrap.
Speaking of pretty gift wrap, it's very easy to do. Next up is a little birthday gifty gift for my SIL, who will also be in TN. I'll reveal the present after I give it to her (because unlike my mom-who hates dealing with computers, Laura actually reads my blog).

See? Easy. Especially with a little bit of pretty paper, and stamps!

When I started this blog I decided that I wouldn't be the woman always apologizing for her bad pictures. I mean, I make no claim of great photography talent. But I'm going to take it back. Right now, while I'm waiting for Panasonic to send me a new camera to replace the one that went kaput, I'm using my phone. And on top of that, I decided not to wait until morning when the lighting in our apartment will be better. However, I won't apologize for being too excited to wait to share.


Carissa said...

I'd like to hear more about the clear stamps...I'm not familiar with them or how they work or what they look like. Can you show us an example?

Sassy Sites! said...

Gorgeous wedding dress! I LOVE clear stamps too! :) Thanks for linking up at Sassy Sites for our ffa party! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo!!


Laura said...

I need to take some lessons too. It was just brought to my attention that my grandmother made my mom's dress, and my mom made my wedding dress, so if I have a daughter...eek.

And I like the philosophy of not apologizing for pictures. No need. We just want to see something-- no worries if they aren't fancy pics.